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2010 PTTS and WPTTS Registration

How to Register for the 2010 PTTS and WPTTS

Updated: 06:02:18  16 APRIL 2010

*Registration ends on May 21st.

By: PTTS.TV Admin

This document is here to help prepare you to use the new system.

I’m sure you have noticed the many changes and improvements that PTTS.TV offers to our participants and fans. One of our goals was to provide a site that improved the efficiency in which the PTTS and WPTTS are conducted. With this goal in mind we have developed an online registration process that will improve the accuracy of the information we collect from our anglers, by ensuring all required documents are completed and submitted in a timely fashion.  By utilizing this new technology we are also able to track the exact date and time the registration forms are completed and payments have been received.  We will use this information as a tie-breaker, with our anglers knowing exactly when they completed the registration process.

Below is a Step-By-Step guide to the new registration process.  Additionally, there is a sample list of some of the required items and information that you will need to know so that you are able to fully complete, and submit your registration, and tournament deposit. We have started two discussions on our Facebook Fan Page where you can ask questions and look for answers to FAQ’s.

At the end of this tutorial you will find a link that will take you to the registration form.

PTTS Registration Discussion

WPTTS Registration Discussion

Step by Step Guide to Registration

Preliminary Step- Create a PTTS.TV Account

1.  The first thing you will need to do is to decide who on your team is in charge of registration.  This person is the designated “Primary Contact” for your team registration.

2.  Your designated “Primary Contact” will need to sign up for a PTTS.TV account or login if they/you have created an account.  Registration is free and the only required information is their/your full name, and a valid email address.  The username will be their/your email address and you will need to select a password.  Click on the REGISTRATION button below, or in the Top Navigation bar, to register for an account.

Step One- Choose to Register for PTTS or WPTTS

  1. Choose the tournament & events you would like to register for. You cannot register for PTTS and WPTTS at the sametime

PTTS NOTE: If your anglers will change for the different events, add additional anglers as alternates.

WPTTS NOTE: If your team will remain the same for each event, you can select all three events and register for them all at the same time.  If your team members, captain, or mate will change for any of the events, you will need to register for each WPTTS event individually.

Step Two- Enter Team Information

  1. Information required: Team Name, hometown, motto, sponsors.
  2. Team Number- Team numbers are first come first serve and you are required to choose a number between 1 and 99.
  3. Team Captain Bio Form- These questions are all required and the information is important for us to know so that we can accurately portray your Team and Team Captain on television and on the website.

Step Three- Team Boat/Equipment

  1. Answer questions that relate to the boat and fishing gear your team will use when fishing in the tournament.

Step Four- Team Member Info

  1. You will need to answer questions similar to those that have been asked in past years including full name, email, birthdate, address, phone number, etc
  2. You are required to enter information for the FOUR primary anglers on the team.
  3. You will need to designate who the Team Captain is by checking the provided box labeled “Team Captain”.
  4. After entering the fourth angler, click the “ADD ANOTHER” to add alternates to your team registration or for WPTTS you can add a Teams Mate and alternate anglers.

Step Five- Confirm Information

Final Step- Payment

  1. In order for your registration to be complete and time stamped you must enter a credit card number and pay for at least your team membership fees by credit card.
  2. The $1,000 tournament deposit, and remaining entry fees can be paid via check.  NOTE: If deposit payment by check is NOT received within seven business days of the date and time your registration was completed, your registration will become invalid.
  3. In addition to paying your initial deposit and member fees you MUST also choose one of the following options to pay for the remaining entry fee balance by May 1, 2010.

Remaining Balance:

–      Bill to this Credit Card on this Date:__________

–      To be paid via check.

–      To be paid by Sponsor (Choose your Sponsor)

At this point your registration is confirmed, completed, and a payment has been received.  An email will be sent to you, and the members of your team, confirming this.

Important Things to Know

–      As you register, it’s important to start, and continue straight through, until you are complete. If you make a mistake, continue with registration and the administrators will edit it later.

–      All ties for PTTS and WPTTS are broken based on your completed registration time and payment of at least your team membership fees via credit card.  You MUST pay for at-least your membership fees via credit card online.

–      It is crucial that you enter the correct email address for each of your team members and alternates. If you use the same address for multiple team members your registration may be turned in incomplete and invalid.

–      Any team members entered in the registration will have PTTS.TV accounts automatically created based on the email address that is provided in the registration.  An email will be sent to them confirming their account creation.

–      If you are a team member on both a PTTS and WPTTS team you are only charged once for membership fees.

Sampling of Required Registration Data/Information

  1. Email addresses for all Team Members and alternates.
  2. Point of Contact info for all Team Members- Name, Address, email, telephone, D.O.B, etc

Captains Bio Questions:

  • Occupation:
  • Favorite Non Fishing Hobbies:
  • Favorite Place to Fish:
  • Favorite Fish to Catch:
  • Biggest Tarpon Caught:
  • Favorite Lure and Color:
  • How long have you and your team been fishing in Boca Grande Pass?:
  • What do you and your team do to prepare for a PTTS event?:
  • How big does a fish have to be for you to take it to the scale?
  • What do you think the biggest fish this year will be?
  • What is the toughest part of the catching the tarpon in the pass?
  • What is your team goal?
  • Who is your biggest competition and why?

*Registration ends on May 21st.

Click Here For Tournament Registration


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