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Twitter and PTTS-Tarpon Tweets

Tarpon Tweets

In todays world the need for real-time, reliable communication and information dissemination is present in every facet of life.  The use of cell phones as an everyday means of communication, either by voice or text messaging, is used regularly by the masses.  Email has provided a fast and easy method to contact multiple people at the click of the button.  Recently the emergence of social networking websites has allowed individuals the ability to update their friends, family, and colleagues on their current status and happenings, as well as providing an easy way to plan and share events.  Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all over the world that let’s you share and discover what’s happening now.  Twitter posts/feeds are available through the internet, cell phones, and email.  It’s ability to be accessed nearly anywhere, by anyone, in real-time, is why the PTTS will be utilizing this tool to communicate with our participants, the media, and our fans about the PTTS & WPTTS.

Why Should You Follow @PTTStv?

The PTTS will be utilizing Twitter to update participants, media, and fans on all things PTTS.  We will use Twitter to send event reminders, changes in the tournament schedule & times, live updates from the events, including the Top 5 leaderboard, rule changes, and more.  In addition we will send updates about the television show and it’s airings, post links to PTTS articles, and other useful or interesting links we find.  This will be our main mode of real-time communication of things you need to know.  It is strongly recommended you follow @PTTStv on Twitter.

Getting Started

Sign Up

Signing up for Twitter is easy and FREE!  Simply visit, to sign up.   CLICK HERE for instructions on signing up for Twitter.  For PTTS teams & captains it is suggested that you use your team name or captains name as your username.  Once you’ve signed up for Twitter you will want to follow the PTTS.  The PTTS Twitter username is @PTTStv .  You’re almost done!  The video below is a tutorial and step by step instructions for how to sign up.

Tweets on Your Mobile Device

In order to get the updates from the PTTS in real-time so that you’re completely up to date, you should set up your mobile phone to receive  Twitter messages from the PTTS as a text message.  To learn how to receive PTTS tweet messages as texts on your phone CLICK HERE.  Twitter charges you nothing, but how much it costs to use Twitter with text messaging depends on your text messaging plan.  Standard text messaging rates (such as international text messaging fees) do apply.  Frequently Asked Questions about receiving Twitter messages on your phone can be found HERE.  If you have a Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia phone or other PDA device, there are applications available to access the Twitter updates easily and conveniently over the web. HERE is a list of popular Twitter applications for mobile phones.  Below is a video on how to set up your account to receive text messages.  Note:  When using an application you may have to manually check for updates by opening the application.  Text messages are automatic.

Why & How of  Twitter


You’ve already learned how signing up for Twitter, and following the PTTS will help you stay updated, but using Twitter can help you obtain & promote sponsors, book more fishing charters, and interact with other PTTS teams and fans.  Each PTTS team or Captain is listed on the Twitter PTTS Teams List which is featured on the PTTS website.  By tweeting you can reach not only your followers, but also the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the PTTS website.  The more you post & interact, the more followers you will gain.  For charter captains, Twitter is a great way to send out up to date fishing reports, fish pics, charter openings or specials, tips, and more.  Note: Spam posting & blatant self promotion will result in being de-listed.


There are a few things to remember if you decide to participate and Tweet.  Your updates are limited to 140 characters so keep them short & to the point.  You will want to abbreviate where possible, use acronyms and numbers, & even replace words with letters.  It is also important to understand the practices and lingo.  A Google search will yield thousands of results for you.  Below are a few helpful links on how to Tweet.

  1. Posting a Tweet or Twitter Update
  2. What are @ Replies & Mentions
  3. What is a Retweet (RT)
  4. What is a Direct Message (DM)
  5. What is Follow Friday
  6. Hastags
  7. Twitter Guidebook

PTTS Recommended People to Follow

  1. @PTTStv/ptts-teamsList of PTTS Teams & Sponsors
  2. @Joe_Mercurio– PTTS TV Host
  3. @SheliSanders– PTTS TV Host
  4. @WFN– World Fishing Network
  5. @KSCOTTART– Wildlife Artist
  6. @FlSportfishing– FL Sportfishing Magazine
  7. @BoatingMagazine– Boating Magazine
  8. @KAF_Fishing–
  9. @Port_Charlotte – Weather updates, forecasts, and more for Port Charlotte, FL
  10. @OpCatchFish – Operation Catch Fish


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