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How’s Your View? – Upgrade your browser for FREE

How’s Your View?

PTTS.TV was built using the newest web development technology and features available today.  In order for you to fully experience the site it’s important that your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) is up to date and able to utilize these cutting edge features.  In fishing terms, if your not running the latest version, it’s like trying to run your boat through a fog storm without a GPS or Radar.  You may be able to get back to the dock safe, but your running the risk of not seeing something important.  Below are links you can visit to check your version and update your browser for FREE.  If your not up to date, download the FREE upgrade so you can navigate through PTTS.TV with ease.

Windows-Internet Explorer 8

Mozilla Firefox 3.6

Apple Safari 4.0.4

Google Chrome 4.0.249

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2010 PTTS and WPTTS Registration

How to Register for the 2010 PTTS and WPTTS

Updated: 06:02:18  16 APRIL 2010

*Registration ends on May 21st.

By: PTTS.TV Admin

This document is here to help prepare you to use the new system.

I’m sure you have noticed the many changes and improvements that PTTS.TV offers to our participants and fans. One of our goals was to provide a site that improved the efficiency in which the PTTS and WPTTS are conducted. With this goal in mind we have developed an online registration process that will improve the accuracy of the information we collect from our anglers, by ensuring all required documents are completed and submitted in a timely fashion.  By utilizing this new technology we are also able to track the exact date and time the registration forms are completed and payments have been received.  We will use this information as a tie-breaker, with our anglers knowing exactly when they completed the registration process.

Below is a Step-By-Step guide to the new registration process.  Additionally, there is a sample list of some of the required items and information that you will need to know so that you are able to fully complete, and submit your registration, and tournament deposit. We have started two discussions on our Facebook Fan Page where you can ask questions and look for answers to FAQ’s.

At the end of this tutorial you will find a link that will take you to the registration form.

PTTS Registration Discussion

WPTTS Registration Discussion

Step by Step Guide to Registration

Preliminary Step- Create a PTTS.TV Account

1.  The first thing you will need to do is to decide who on your team is in charge of registration.  This person is the designated “Primary Contact” for your team registration.

2.  Your designated “Primary Contact” will need to sign up for a PTTS.TV account or login if they/you have created an account.  Registration is free and the only required information is their/your full name, and a valid email address.  The username will be their/your email address and you will need to select a password.  Click on the REGISTRATION button below, or in the Top Navigation bar, to register for an account.

Step One- Choose to Register for PTTS or WPTTS

  1. Choose the tournament & events you would like to register for. You cannot register for PTTS and WPTTS at the sametime

PTTS NOTE: If your anglers will change for the different events, add additional anglers as alternates.

WPTTS NOTE: If your team will remain the same for each event, you can select all three events and register for them all at the same time.  If your team members, captain, or mate will change for any of the events, you will need to register for each WPTTS event individually.

Step Two- Enter Team Information

  1. Information required: Team Name, hometown, motto, sponsors.
  2. Team Number- Team numbers are first come first serve and you are required to choose a number between 1 and 99.
  3. Team Captain Bio Form- These questions are all required and the information is important for us to know so that we can accurately portray your Team and Team Captain on television and on the website.

Step Three- Team Boat/Equipment

  1. Answer questions that relate to the boat and fishing gear your team will use when fishing in the tournament.

Step Four- Team Member Info

  1. You will need to answer questions similar to those that have been asked in past years including full name, email, birthdate, address, phone number, etc
  2. You are required to enter information for the FOUR primary anglers on the team.
  3. You will need to designate who the Team Captain is by checking the provided box labeled “Team Captain”.
  4. After entering the fourth angler, click the “ADD ANOTHER” to add alternates to your team registration or for WPTTS you can add a Teams Mate and alternate anglers.

Step Five- Confirm Information

Final Step- Payment

  1. In order for your registration to be complete and time stamped you must enter a credit card number and pay for at least your team membership fees by credit card.
  2. The $1,000 tournament deposit, and remaining entry fees can be paid via check.  NOTE: If deposit payment by check is NOT received within seven business days of the date and time your registration was completed, your registration will become invalid.
  3. In addition to paying your initial deposit and member fees you MUST also choose one of the following options to pay for the remaining entry fee balance by May 1, 2010.

Remaining Balance:

–      Bill to this Credit Card on this Date:__________

–      To be paid via check.

–      To be paid by Sponsor (Choose your Sponsor)

At this point your registration is confirmed, completed, and a payment has been received.  An email will be sent to you, and the members of your team, confirming this.

Important Things to Know

–      As you register, it’s important to start, and continue straight through, until you are complete. If you make a mistake, continue with registration and the administrators will edit it later.

–      All ties for PTTS and WPTTS are broken based on your completed registration time and payment of at least your team membership fees via credit card.  You MUST pay for at-least your membership fees via credit card online.

–      It is crucial that you enter the correct email address for each of your team members and alternates. If you use the same address for multiple team members your registration may be turned in incomplete and invalid.

–      Any team members entered in the registration will have PTTS.TV accounts automatically created based on the email address that is provided in the registration.  An email will be sent to them confirming their account creation.

–      If you are a team member on both a PTTS and WPTTS team you are only charged once for membership fees.

Sampling of Required Registration Data/Information

  1. Email addresses for all Team Members and alternates.
  2. Point of Contact info for all Team Members- Name, Address, email, telephone, D.O.B, etc

Captains Bio Questions:

  • Occupation:
  • Favorite Non Fishing Hobbies:
  • Favorite Place to Fish:
  • Favorite Fish to Catch:
  • Biggest Tarpon Caught:
  • Favorite Lure and Color:
  • How long have you and your team been fishing in Boca Grande Pass?:
  • What do you and your team do to prepare for a PTTS event?:
  • How big does a fish have to be for you to take it to the scale?
  • What do you think the biggest fish this year will be?
  • What is the toughest part of the catching the tarpon in the pass?
  • What is your team goal?
  • Who is your biggest competition and why?

*Registration ends on May 21st.

Click Here For Tournament Registration

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Twitter and PTTS-Tarpon Tweets

Tarpon Tweets

In todays world the need for real-time, reliable communication and information dissemination is present in every facet of life.  The use of cell phones as an everyday means of communication, either by voice or text messaging, is used regularly by the masses.  Email has provided a fast and easy method to contact multiple people at the click of the button.  Recently the emergence of social networking websites has allowed individuals the ability to update their friends, family, and colleagues on their current status and happenings, as well as providing an easy way to plan and share events.  Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all over the world that let’s you share and discover what’s happening now.  Twitter posts/feeds are available through the internet, cell phones, and email.  It’s ability to be accessed nearly anywhere, by anyone, in real-time, is why the PTTS will be utilizing this tool to communicate with our participants, the media, and our fans about the PTTS & WPTTS.

Why Should You Follow @PTTStv?

The PTTS will be utilizing Twitter to update participants, media, and fans on all things PTTS.  We will use Twitter to send event reminders, changes in the tournament schedule & times, live updates from the events, including the Top 5 leaderboard, rule changes, and more.  In addition we will send updates about the television show and it’s airings, post links to PTTS articles, and other useful or interesting links we find.  This will be our main mode of real-time communication of things you need to know.  It is strongly recommended you follow @PTTStv on Twitter.

Getting Started

Sign Up

Signing up for Twitter is easy and FREE!  Simply visit, to sign up.   CLICK HERE for instructions on signing up for Twitter.  For PTTS teams & captains it is suggested that you use your team name or captains name as your username.  Once you’ve signed up for Twitter you will want to follow the PTTS.  The PTTS Twitter username is @PTTStv .  You’re almost done!  The video below is a tutorial and step by step instructions for how to sign up.

Tweets on Your Mobile Device

In order to get the updates from the PTTS in real-time so that you’re completely up to date, you should set up your mobile phone to receive  Twitter messages from the PTTS as a text message.  To learn how to receive PTTS tweet messages as texts on your phone CLICK HERE.  Twitter charges you nothing, but how much it costs to use Twitter with text messaging depends on your text messaging plan.  Standard text messaging rates (such as international text messaging fees) do apply.  Frequently Asked Questions about receiving Twitter messages on your phone can be found HERE.  If you have a Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia phone or other PDA device, there are applications available to access the Twitter updates easily and conveniently over the web. HERE is a list of popular Twitter applications for mobile phones.  Below is a video on how to set up your account to receive text messages.  Note:  When using an application you may have to manually check for updates by opening the application.  Text messages are automatic.

Why & How of  Twitter


You’ve already learned how signing up for Twitter, and following the PTTS will help you stay updated, but using Twitter can help you obtain & promote sponsors, book more fishing charters, and interact with other PTTS teams and fans.  Each PTTS team or Captain is listed on the Twitter PTTS Teams List which is featured on the PTTS website.  By tweeting you can reach not only your followers, but also the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the PTTS website.  The more you post & interact, the more followers you will gain.  For charter captains, Twitter is a great way to send out up to date fishing reports, fish pics, charter openings or specials, tips, and more.  Note: Spam posting & blatant self promotion will result in being de-listed.


There are a few things to remember if you decide to participate and Tweet.  Your updates are limited to 140 characters so keep them short & to the point.  You will want to abbreviate where possible, use acronyms and numbers, & even replace words with letters.  It is also important to understand the practices and lingo.  A Google search will yield thousands of results for you.  Below are a few helpful links on how to Tweet.

  1. Posting a Tweet or Twitter Update
  2. What are @ Replies & Mentions
  3. What is a Retweet (RT)
  4. What is a Direct Message (DM)
  5. What is Follow Friday
  6. Hastags
  7. Twitter Guidebook

PTTS Recommended People to Follow

  1. @PTTStv/ptts-teamsList of PTTS Teams & Sponsors
  2. @Joe_Mercurio– PTTS TV Host
  3. @SheliSanders– PTTS TV Host
  4. @WFN– World Fishing Network
  5. @KSCOTTART– Wildlife Artist
  6. @FlSportfishing– FL Sportfishing Magazine
  7. @BoatingMagazine– Boating Magazine
  8. @KAF_Fishing–
  9. @Port_Charlotte – Weather updates, forecasts, and more for Port Charlotte, FL
  10. @OpCatchFish – Operation Catch Fish

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Team Culo Majado shocks the field

Updated: May 17, 2009

Team Culo Majado is "Muy Divertido"

BOCA GRANDE, Fla. — In a day of tarpon fishing that exceeded expectations, Team Culo Majado and Steve Kocsis topped out with the biggest surprise.  The Miller High Life Professional Tarpon Tournament Series presented by Century Boats held Week 1 of its five-week regular series events this past weekend in Boca Grande Pass, Fla.

A sold out field of 50 four-person teams competed in the three-hour event which awarded a new Century 2102 Inshore powered by a Yamaha F150 four-stroke motor and Continental Trailer for first prize.

Strong East winds and dirty water usually means less than ideal Tarpon fishing conditions in Boca Grande Pass, but conventional thinking was proven wrong. Twenty-one fish were leader released, with 13 fish making it to the Miller’s Ale House weighboat.

Team Salt Rock Grille/Salt Life, led by Cody Chivas, weighed in the first fish of the year at 128 pounds. The 2008 Yamaha Team of the Year and winners of Week 1 in 2008 were hopeful the fish would hold up.

“I thought he was 135 pounds, and with the conditions, and the fish we had been seeing, I thought it may hold up,” Chivas said.

Chivas’ hopes were shattered when Team MGD 64, led by Captain George Greene, hooked a fish just after the halfway point.

“When he jumped, I knew it was a big one,” Greene said.

He was proven right. When MGD 64’s fish hit the Tires Plus scale, it weighed in at 155 pounds to take the lead. Shortly after, Artie Price’s Team Miller’s Ale House showed up to the scale with a big fish.

“I thought we had it,” said Price, whose Tarpon weighed in at 155 pounds as well.

By rule, MGD 64’s fish held the lead based on the time that the fish was leadered. Adding more drama was Nick Winger’s Team Angler Boats Corporation coming to the weighboat with a 154-pound fish.  MGD 64’s hope for victory were shattered near the end of the tournament when Team Culo Majado, led by Steve Kocsis, came to the weigh in a fish that tipped the Tires Plus scale at 170 pounds. It was caught using a live crab.

“The fish fought hard,” Kocsis said. “It took us in, around, and under the phosphate docks. It was crazy! No one in the tournament thought that big of fish would be caught because of the conditions.”

The favor was almost returned to Team Culo Mojado, as Team Yamaha, led by Capt. Troy Sapp, hooked a fish just before the end of the tournament that took them into overtime. The Yamaha team was able to land the fish before the sudden death overtime ended, and it registered 167 pounds.

Team Culo Majado has been fishing the Miller High Life PTTS since its inception 7 years ago and has had four Top 5 finishes, but this is their first victory. With the win, Team Culo Majada took the lead in the Yamaha Team of the Year Race with 570 points.

Rounding out the rest of the Top Five was Team Yamaha, Team MGD 64, Team Miller’s Ale House, and Team Angler Boat Corporation.

The Miller High Life Professional Tarpon Tournament Series presented by Century Boats is the largest and richest live-release tarpon tournament in the world, featuring five regular season events and one championship event all held in Boca Grande Pass, Fla.  Teams may weigh one fish daily and obtain points towards the Yamaha Team of the Year Race by weighing and releasing fish.

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Just in time for Team Reactor Watch

Team Reactor Watch displays their winning fish, a 135-pound Tarpon.

Updated: May 16, 2009

BOCA GRANDE, Fla. — The Miller High Life Professional Tarpon Tournament Series presented by Century Boats held its annual “Ladies Day” exhibition Tarpon tournament in Boca Grande Pass.

The event pitted 58 teams of three lady anglers and a male Captain and mate against each other, competing to win a first-place prize of $10,000 with a total purse of $25,000 in cash and prizes.

Lady luck was not on these girls side. Weather and fishing conditions were the worst seen this tarpon season. A stiff East wind with gusts of nearly 20 mph caused waves in excess of three feet in Boca Grande Pass.The wind also caused the fishing to by sub par. Dirty water and the presence of sharks made the fish move erratically through the pass. At numerous times during the event, competitors stretched the limit of the tournament boundaries trying to get a bite.

Capt. Ozzie Fischer’s Team Yamaha F350 took an early lead by weighing a 124-pound tarpon within the first hour. That fish would remain atop the FL Fishing Weekly leaderboard for nearly an hour, until Capt. Will Burbach and his team showed up at the Miller’s Ale House weighboat with a 125-pounder.

As is traditional with Miller High Life PTTS events and tarpon fishing in Boca Grande, the drama came within the last hour of the tournament.  Capt. Robert McCue’s Team Sign Zoo/ hit the Tires Plus scale with a 134-pounder to take the lead, but with only 10 minutes left in regulation time, Capt. Jay Wither’s Team Reactor Watch radioed in with a hook up.

Within 20 minutes, Team Reactor Watch landed the fish and headed for the Ale House weighboat. The fish tipped the Tires Plus scale at 135 pounds.

“It was awesome!” Withers said. “The girls did a great job hooking and fighting the fish. The teamwork was unbeatable.”

With the victory Team Reactor received first prize of $10,000. Second place went to Team Sign Zoo/, who received $5,000. Team, Yamaha F350, and finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th, respectively.

The Miller High Life PTTS presented by Century Boats Ladies Day is the largest and richest live-release women’s fishing tournament in the world, featuring five regular season events and one championship event all held in Boca Grande Pass, Fla.